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Project Overview

This project at BCIT required us to create a monochromatic portrait of any subject in Photoshop using the brush tool. Additionally, we were to create three custom brushes that we would have to use in some degree throughout the work. 


The first step to this project was finding the right image to use as a reference. as the portrait was to be in greyscale, the reference photo needed to translate well without colour. I finally decided to use the photo as seen on the right due to the interesting angles and lighting that was captured.

First Submission

After finding the reference photo that I was comfortable with, I created my custom brushes; two for hair, and one for skin texture. Our first submission needed to be 100% filled in but did not need to be extremely detailed. I had a lot of fun working on her hair with the brushed I created, so I got a bit ahead of myself and almost completed those layers for the first submission. I filled most of her facial areas with rough shading, which was to be blended in later to the natural skin tone.

Final Submission

For my final submission, I realized that the custom brushes that I created were invaluable for creating most of the hair, but I reworked individual stray hairs by hand, as the hair brush I created was too obvious. Lastly, I went over the skin with my last brush to create the look of pores and freckles. The final result can be seen on the bottom, which I expanded on by creating a background with the brush tool that gave an idea of natural light in front of her face, and shadows behind her head. Although I could never re-create a work like this by hand, I’m extremely happy with the result and made my mom, an artist herself, pretty proud.




November 2017




Adobe Photoshop


Graphic Design
Brush Tool

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