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Project Overview

This assignment tasked us to create a hybrid creature of our choice using our imagination and to sell the idea of this fictional creature by placing it in an advertising or media setting such as a National Geographic front cover, for example. The requirements of the project were to use only photographs of the animals that would compose the new hybrid creature while implementing a creative use of a Photoshop filter effect.


As I love being the black sheep of the flock, I didn’t want to have a conventionally named animal like many chose to go with, such as “Bearrilla” for a bear and gorilla or “Mat” for a mouse and cat. I thought that it would be pretty funny if I chose two animals whose names ended with the same letters, so the hybrid name would result in one of the animal’s names no matter which order it was named. As such, I chose an octopus and a platypus, thus creating my subject, the fearsome Octopus.

I sourced out a photo of each animal (pictured right) and began masking them and placing them in the artboard together. The masking of the platypus was done in shades of grey around the neck, which gave a gradual fade from the platypus to the octopus, as a hard mask made the blend of fur and skin look awkward and very sudden.




November 2016




Adobe Photoshop


Image Manipulation
Colour Correcting
Brush Tool

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