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Project Overview

Our final project for Advanced Photoshop class at BCIT required us to create a composite design of our choosing using photographs. We were not allowed to use illustrations or digitally created art. We also had to have two instances of the brush tool being used creatively, as well as the creation and integration of two vector graphics from Illustrator in our work.


I decided to use the works of Esao Andrews as my inspiration for this project. One of my favourite bands, Circa Survive, has exclusively contracted Esao to create their album art, and I always find his work as inspiring as they are simultaneously beautiful, haunting, and thought-provoking.

For this project, I imagined I was contracted to create the cover art for the single for the first song off of their album Blue Sky Noise, titled Strange Terrain. Another source of inspiration comes from my favorite video game as a child, Chrono Trigger, that features a floating island called the Mountain of Woe.



As Esao’s work is fantastical in nature, a challenge was sourcing images that were appropriate for a fantasy project while still respecting¬†the project requirements that all images are photographs. As there are no photographs of floating islands or castles built into trees, (that I am aware of) I had to use my imagination. I ended up taking a photograph of a mountain, inverting and masking it to create the base for the island. For the lighthouse built into the rocks and the giant treehouse, I used photographs of bonsai trees that Japanese artists built structures into.




December 2017




Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop


Photo Manipulation
Vector Graphics

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